Jun 9 (Thur)  – ‘Multicultural show’ – CANCELLED due to illness. Please check notice board/parent pockets for                                 further information.

Jul 5 (Tue) 10.00am   – Kaleidoscope Science (Pre-school)

Aug 4 (Thur) 10.00am  –  Bravehearts – Personal Safety Educational Program (Pre-school only)

Aug 25 (Thur) 10.00am  – Spotty Bear’s Amazing Journey – a ‘Young Australia Workshop’ (2 yr olds – $9.00 ea

Sep 1 (Thur) 10.00am  – RSPCA ‘Responsible Pet Ownership’ – 2 year olds are invited

Sep 19-30   –  ‘Egg Hatching Program’ – Eggs arrive at preschool.  2 yr olds will visit the Preschool to follow the                               hatching eggs – there will be no cost to Nursery/Kinderhaus children.

Sep 27 (Tue)  – Parent Teacher Interviews commence (2nd round)

Oct 18 (Tue) 10.00am  – Peter Morgan Show – rhythm & percussion with song, story, drama and dance  (2 yr olds                                                                                            $10.00 each)

Oct 25 & 26 (Tue & Wed) – School photos – individual photos on both days – Preschool group photo on Wed.

Nov 17 (Thur)  –  Under the Sea – by Rangers on the Run – 9.30am Nursery & Kinderhaus  $9.00 ea                                                                                                                                        10.00am Preschool

Dec 1 (Thur) 10.00am  –  ’Peter Woods Magic Show’ – A wonderful Magic show  (2 yr olds $9.00 ea)

Dec 21 (Wed)   –  Flowers (Pre-school only) Children to bring flowers  to decorate our Christmas

Dec 21 (Wed)    3.00pm  –  CHRISTMAS PARTY (Kinderhaus chn only) All Kinderhaus chn invited to                                                                  attend the party

Dec 22 (Thur) 9.30am   –  CHRISTMAS SERVICE & SCHOOL PICNIC AT OATLEY PARK……..                                                                           No Pre-school after the service on this day ………….. (Kinderhaus & Nursery as normal).

Dec 22 (Thur)  3.00pm   –  CHRISTMAS PARTY (Nursery children only) All Nursery children invited                Dec 23 (Fri) 10.00am  – PRE-SCHOOL CHN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY AND CHRISTMAS TREE (Gift Giving)                                                All Pre-school children are invited to attend

Dec 30 (Fri)       –        Fancy Dress up for children & staff

ALL ACTIVITES ARE HELD AT THE PRE-SCHOOL except the picnic that will be held at Oatley Park where parents must attend to supervise their child/ren.

Please check parent pocket and watch the notice board for further information as the activities draw nearer.

* * *  School Closes on all Public Holidays * * *

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