In the Montessori Classroom: children explore, predict and develop an increased understanding of the interdependence between land, people, plants and animals (EYLF Outcome 2.4)

Throughout the week, we have been exploring cicadas with the children. The children showed great interest in looking at the cicada and its shell displayed in the classroom. Some of them are even brave enough to let the cicada shell stay on them!

School Readiness: Children convey and construct messages with purpose and confidence, building on literacy skills (EYLF Outcome 5.2)

During the week, the Children have been practicing the weaving activities and focusing their energy on reading and writing skills. They showed increasing competence and confidence in fine motor skills, cognitive skills, social skills as well as well as language skills. They also displayed creativity when playing with the playdough made by themselves.

Indoor and Outdoor activities: Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence and imagination (EYLF Outcome 4.1)

This week the children engaged in a number of activities indoors and outdoors.

Indoors- Althea made a dinosaur using the playdough. Outdoors- Children focused their energy on exploring the natural environment and found that the strawberries were ripe to serve. With great excitement, the children picked up these strawberries and put them in a bowl.

Craft:  children use the creative arts such as drawing, painting, and storytelling to express ideas and make meaning (EYLF Outcome 5.3)


This week, children were excited to make puppies with Gloria by using recycled paper rolls. They drew the face, glued the hair and dressed them up with all kinds of fabrics. They also made golden sun with Leah. Lucas put his sun up high in the sky and started singing the song Mr Golden Sun.

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